Our vision & mission

– forward together

The durable family-ownership has provided Bergendahls with stability for development, renewal and strong values. We call it the Bergendahl spirit! A term for solidarity and community between owners and work colleagues that over the decades has developed to a positive company culture in a good working environment.


The vision is that Bergendahls will achieve and sustain a result and level of returns that exceeds the competitors’, and to be considered most attractive by customers, colleagues and other interested parties.

The vision is mirrored in the mission that Bergendahls is a family-owned group that is an active owner of companies within local consumer trade.


The strategy to achieve the vision means:

that the dominating form of operation for retail trade business shall be self-owned retail trade with the segment ”value for money”.

that the group shall operate retail trade business with support of self-owned wholesale/purchasing operations, which requires a high degree of integration between wholesale and retail trade.

Long-term goals

Our work in reaching the vision is built on the following cornerstones:

Clear values anchored in a strong company culture.
All work colleagues must be well aware of our values.

Highly reputed and a strong trademark.
We create repute by doing good business and being respected for what we do. Our profile as employee shall be strong and we shall be a platform for good entrepreneur spirit and development. Bergendahls shall as an overall trademark for the group, provide its businesses with an extra dimension of sustainability and quality. Our businesses shall have strong trademarks and a clear position characterised by ”value for money”.

Good members of the community.
Our CSR-work shall be anchored in the ongoing business with an alignment primarily towards environment and work conditions where we operate. We shall be known for promoting design, art and culture through our own colleagues’ interests and abilities.

Family company

The soon 100-year old ownership tradition within the Bergendahl family is administered by current owner Elisabeth and the children Sophia and Carl-Mikael, who are all active in the company’ firms and boards. Bergendahls is a de-centralised group where every business area has a clear area of responsibility based on the owner’s strategical focus. The board of the parent company is responsible for the overall direction in the form of strategy and financial frames, but every business area has its own board with extra members who can make independent decisions about e.g. investments and strategic choices. A clear family ownership in collaboration with external advisers have, over the years, become an important success factor for Bergendahls.

Group members

For information about our businesses and company managers see Company Overview.


Lars Ljungälv

Patrik Haraldsson_svartvit

Patrik Haraldsson


Carl-Johan Bune
Head Solicitor

Ulf Zenk_svartvit

Ulf Zenk
Chief Financial Officer


Spiros Mylonopoulos (Chairman of the Board)
Elisabeth Bergendahl Mylonopoulos
Carl-Mikael Bergendahl
Sophia Bergendahl

Anders Moberg
Ingvar Ganestam
Lars Ljungälv