A success story from agency to trading company

What Mikael Bergendahl started in 1922 is today owned by the third and fourth generations, Elisabeth Bergendahl Mylonopoulos, together with her children Carl-Mikael and Sophia Bergendahl. The latter are both active within the operative businesses, as well as represented in the different board functions. The family has thus clearly marked a long-term ownership of the group.

Historical milestones


Innovation means growth

The group continues to grow through:

• A full-scale e-commerce for City Gross as well as new stores.
• New customers within Bergendahls Foods wholesale distribution,
among them Mathem.
• Eko is growing with new shops.
• Introduction and expansion of the franchise-owned Granit-shops
in South Korea.
• Glitter develop their concept of “shop-in-shop”.


New CEO for Bergendahl & Son

Lars Ljungälv, previously a member of the board and also advisor to the family owners, becomes new CEO for Bergendahl & Son.


A milestone

September 2016 becomes a milestone when Bergendahls, after 94 years in Hässleholm – and as the municipality’s largest private employer – opens the doors for City Gross in Hässleholm, store no. 40. Today there are 43 City Gross stores from Sundsvall in the north to Trelleborg in the south.



Success for City Gross meal kit and development of new City Gross stores. Granit is established in Germany and advances strongly within e-commerce. Glitter strengthens its position on the market and develops within e-commerce.


The Meal Kit

City Gross launches the meal kit which is a start for development
of e-commence.


90th anniversary

Bergendahls celebrates 90 years and Spiros Mylonopoulos hands over the role of CEO to Peter Lund, to take the role of chairman of the board for the parent company. In 24 years, the turnover had increased from SEK 800 million to SEK 11 billion.

21st century

The business expands

The trading company is expanded through acquisitions of Glitter (2004), East Import (2005), Inspiration 2006, as well as Bolagret and Granit 2008. In 2009 the rights are acquired to the trademark Duka including its product organisation and 29 Duka stores in Poland. In 2012 the jewellery company Zanzlöza Zmycken with its store in Stockholm is purchased. The businesses have gradually been purified and integrated into each other.


The Bergendahl Group is established

Wholesale and detail trades are united into one company – The Bergendahl Group AB – and gathered in Hässleholm.


Sweden's first City Gross

In November 1993 Sweden’s first City Gross store is opened in Hyllinge in Scania. In 1996 the store is stated as being the country’s largest consumer goods store. The profiling is low prices, large packages and fresh Swedish meat.


Generation renewal

Sixten’s daughter Elisabeth Bergendahl-Mylonopoulos takes over the company and in 1988 her husband Spiros Mylonopoulos takes the position of CEO.


Fresh goods trade starts up

During the 1960s collaboration is initiated with retail chains and fresh goods are added. In the middle of the 1970s a number of customer companies are acquired. Wholesale and retail trade are operated as self-owned.


The second generation takes over

At the end of the 1950s the son Sixten takes over the management of Bergendahls’ development towards becoming a full-assortment wholesaler.


It started as a margarine company

In 1922 Mikael Bergendahl starts an agency for the margarine company Svea in Hässleholm. Mikael is the paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother’s father to the current owners.