Brands within Bergendahls

Bergendahls’ businesses include consumer goods, household goods, home and leisure, as well as fashion and accessories. A short presentation of those brands found in our subsidiaries. In addition to these, there are sales from Bergendahls Food to trader-owned stores such as Mathem and other locally-profiled stores.

City Gross includes 43 supermarkets as well as e-commerce. All stores have store-cut meat, manual fish counters, our own store bakeries, the country’s widest range of groceries, a wide assortment within house, home and leisure, as well as a mass catering assortment for traders.

Glitter offers a wide range of price-worthy fashion jewellery and accessories in combination with personal service. Glitter includes the subsidiary Zanzlöza Smycken with its flag store in Stockholm as well as shop-in-shops in chosen Glitter stores. The chain includes more than 150 stores in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Granit sells interior fittings, storage solutions, kitchen articles, plants and pots. All products are connected to nature, either in choice of material, colour, handicraft or sustainability and lifespan. The chain consists of more than 35 stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Germany and via franchise in South Korea, as well as e-commerce.


EKO consists of six supermarkets with a wide assortment for house, home and leisure. EKO is marketed as a destination for the whole family and the stores offer well-known trademarks at good prices within beauty and skincare, gardening, toys, cleaning and home decoration.

A wide assortment for kitchens and dining rooms is sold under the trademark Duka with an emphasis on kitchen articles, glass articles, porcelain, flatware and gifts. The products are sold at City Gross and EKO.


Hyllinge Cash is a large consumer goods store located just outside of Helsingborg. The supermarket is profiled with a wide, price-worthy range of goods for both private customer, companies and mass caterers.

Matöppet consists of approx. 50 trader-owned, local stores throughout the country. Focus is placed on providing the customers with a warm welcome.

The Svenska Matrebellerna consist of almost 40 stores with strong local affinity that have come together to create a joint purchasing organisation.

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