Bergendahls - a group on the march

Bergendahls has businesses within fashion, consumer goods and home and leisure. A family-owned group that operates self-owned stores in Sweden and internationally in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Germany. The long-term ownership is a prerequisite for long-term commitment and challenging the branch.

Bergendahls Food

Bergendahls Food runs the retail trade through City Gross that was founded in 1993 and consists today of 42 supermarkets. All stores have store-cut Swedish meat, manual fish counters, their own shop bakeries, the country’s widest assortment of foodstuffs, a vast range of in-house items, home and leisure, as well as a supermarket assortment for traders. Through wholesale trade and the distribution centre in Hässleholm, Bergendahls Food is a wholesaler for independent traders. Included here is also the concept of Matöppet, which consists of trader-owned convenience stores and a unique collaboration with those stores included in the successful Den Svenska Matrebellen.

Bergendahls Food in numbers

Turnover (MSEK): 11.500
Number of employees: 3.700
Self-owned stores: 42
Customer stores: 130
Håkan Åkerström - sv-vi - mindre

CEO Håkan Åkerström


Granit sells interior fittings, storage solutions, kitchen articles, plants and pots. All products are connected to nature either in the choice of materials, colours, handicraft or sustainability and lifespan. The chain was founded in 1996 at a kitchen table by two young entrepreneurs, Anett Jorméus and Susanne Liljenberg, whose business idea was to create a lifestyle concept that was to simplify everyday use with smart and functional products for the entire home. Since 2008, Granit has developed under Bergendahls’ ownership and has grown on five markets with more than 35 stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany and via franchise in South Korea, but also deliver via a successful e-commerce.


CEO Caroline Hjelte

Granit in numbers

Turnover (MSEK): 210
Number of employees: 120
Number of stores: 37


Glitter offers a wide range of price-worthy fashion jewellery and accessories in combination with personal service. The chain includes more than 150 stores in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. In 1992 Sven-Axel Svensson opens the first Glitter-store, which was the beginning to what would become a nation-wide chain of stores. Since 2004 Glitter has been operated by Bergendahls that have developed a store-concept and the e-commerce. Since 2012 Zanzlöza Zmycken has been a part of the group and the trademark is included in Glitter as a somewhat more exclusive assortment.

Glitter in numbers

Turnover (MSEK): 650
Number of employees: 600
Number of stores: 175

CEO Susanne Börjesson


EKO consists of six supermarkets with a wide range for house, home and leisure. EKO is marketed as a destination for the entire family and well-known trademarks can be found at good prices e.g. within beauty and skin care, gardening, toys, cleaning and home decoration. One appreciated feature is the bulk confectionery section. Even Bergendahls own trademark Glitter is available as a shop at EKO. The first EKO-store opened its doors in Scanian Fjälkinge in 1964 and since 1974 EKO has been operated by Bergendahls.


CEO Ted Berggren

EKO in numbers

Turnover (MSEK): 600
Number of employees: 200
Number of stores: 6