Careness as a keyword

– we care about our world and safeguard the people and nature in it

We have coined the term careness and use it as a guideline towards our values, which all business decisions are base on. We believe that responsibility and good values are a competitive advantage, as this is important for today’s consumers and for our suppliers, business customers and partners. We want to seriously contribute to our world developing in a sustainable way and help in the ways we can.

The U.N.'s Global sustainability targets

We work in accordance with the base outline of the U.N.’s Agenda 2030, which defines 17 global sustainability goals, the 16 Swedish environmental goals, global limit values for environmental changes, as well as international framework for human rights, such as U.N.’s guiding principle for companies and human rights.

Based on U.N.’s global sustainability goals, the world’s leaders have pledged to make great differences up until the year 2030 and with the ambition to be Sweden’s most caring retail trade company, we will naturally do what we can to assist.

Don’t trash the waste

In as big a business as ours a good deal of waste is generated. How we handle this is of great importance and we work constantly to develop our work method and minimise waste. The largest amount of waste in the business is generated in the retail trade (City Gross). During the financial year 2017/2018 the retail trade generated 867 tonnes waste (unsorted and organic waste). Wholesale trade means handling reception and delivery of goods thereby generating only a small amount of waste.

Smarter use of bags. As a result of EU-directives and the subsequent Swedish regulation that entered into force in June of 2017, we see that the use of plastic bags has diminished. At the same time, the awareness about the negative impact of the bags on the environment increases. Together with work colleagues in the grocery branch, we work in different ways to contribute towards this.

Compression of waste. Many different fractions are spatially demanding, and our stores have at least three compactors (often more) to reduce the volume of the different waste fractions.


– puts icing on the cake

Jontefonden is a foundation for families with children and youths waiting for, or that have undergone organ transplants. The purpose is to increase the quality of life, create happiness and put icing on the cake to an otherwise difficult week-day.

Quality through all lines

– fresh and locally produced

As one of Sweden’s largest players within consumer goods trade, we can and will take responsibility for Swedish meat farmers. To safeguard Swedish meat is important since locally produced meat contributes to maintaining good livestock farming, low use of antibiotics, open landscapes and work opportunities within agriculture.

Contact person Quality/Environment

Amanda Frid
PR, Media & Communications
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“Everyone who is satisfied with the service and the assortment that Bergendahls Food offers customers and partners, shall be just as secure that our offers are based on responsible grounds. It is therefore with pride that we publish our first sustainability report, an important document for accounting for our important work and for following up and becoming even better.

CEO Peter Lund

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