Our value foundations

We create profits that provide us with resources

Development is a prerequisite for strong competitive enterprise and development is based on profits being reinvested into the company. Bergendahls’ survival and growth over the years has been built on good results, where the profits have allowed the company to grow even more and stand ready for new challenges.

We are innovators that dare to be different

We are like no others and we are proud of it. We believe that even large chain-stores can be personal, locally-adapted and provide good service to the individual. As an example, at City Gross, we cut up and package our fresh meat in the store, we bake bread daily and have local specialities in assortment. We shall be unique in a way that benefits Swedish consumers. This is a living mission within Bergendahls.

We take strong social responsibility and safeguard the world around us

As a company we must look after nature and people, both from a local and global perspective. As such, City Gross is a Svanen-marked store-chain, a certification that places large demands on everything from staff and store environment to transports and assortment. We will, within the entire group, in those countries we operate in, strive to control the production line to the largest extent possible. We shall place high demands on ourselves and together work towards a sustainable future.

We are characterised by continuity and sustainability

Bergendahls has, for nearly 100 years, been a Swedish family company with the customer in focus as a tradition. This has proven to be a good recipe for good development. As Bergendahls has developed, it has also been important to maintain that which has made us successful. We shall transfer the same spirit to upcoming generations and continue to develop with a strong feeling of everyone belonging to the same family.

The Bergendahl Spirit – an attribute

Bergendahls is a group where all companies assume common fundamental values, but where the subsidiaries are stimulated to independence and entrepreneurship. Every company adapts their operations to benefit business and colleagues in the best way.

Careness as a motto

– we care about our world, the people and the nature in it

We have coined the term careness and have it as a guideline towards our values, which all business decisions must be based on. We believe that responsibility and good values are a competitive advantage as it is as important to our consumers as it is for our suppliers, business customers and partners. We will contribute towards our world developing in a serious and sustainable way, as well as helping in whatever way we can.