– one of the country's largest family companies

Bergendahls is owned by the third and fourth generations of the Bergendahl family, which includes Elisabeth Bergendahl-Mylonopoulos, her husband Spiros Mylonopoulos and their children Sophia and Carl-Mikael. Elisabeth is a grandchild to the company’s founder Mikael Bergendahl. Everyone in the Bergendahl family is active within the group and subsidiary boards.


The Bergendahl Spirit

– our fundamental values

Bergendahls is a group where all companies assume common fundamental values, but where the subsidiaries are stimulated to independence and entrepreneurship. Every company adapts their operations to benefit business and colleagues in the best way. Success is built on the unique Bergendahl spirit with careness as the most important cornerstone.

The Group’s history

What began in 1922 as a small agent for selling margarine, coffee and cheese in Hässleholm has developed to a profitable northern-European trade company. Under the successful management of the Bergendahl-Mylonopoulos family the business has during the last decades developed in both volume and range.

Company Overview

Bergendahls is one of the country’s largest family-owned groups with subsidiaries within consumables, home decoration and fashion with stores in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany and South Korea.

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Bergendahls operates wholesale and retail trade within consumer goods through Bergendahls Food and the chain-store City Gross and Hyllinge Cash, as well as trader-owned stores through the trademarks Matöppet and Den Svenska Matrebellen. We sell fashion and accessories through Glitter and under the trademark Zanzlöza Smycken. We offer home decoration, home and garden articles through the chain-stores Granit and EKO and under the trademark Duka.